Trump and Netanyahu Screwed America

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Way back in 2017, I wrote that if Trump alienates Muslim nations, we end up losing big time. I predicted that they would go to Russia or China and invest in their capacity to build military hardware, which will cause massive layoffs in our defense industry. We will lose a whole lot of jobs. Has Trump made a deal with China that he will drive the Muslim nations to them in return for personal favors? We need to look at it.

Turkey is buying Russian equipment now, and Iran has an agreement working with China. Next, Saudi and other countries will turn to China.

Netanyahu is an enemy of Israel in the long haul. The Nuclear deal with Iran was the best thing to prevent or stall Iran from building its nuclear capacity. On Netanyahu’s urging, Trump tore the agreement and went against the community of nations. Now, Iran will be encouraged by China’s support. It is bad for Israel and bad for America.

Netanyahu pushed Obama to support Mubarak – what a disaster it would have been for Israel and the United States. Had the US-supported Mubarak, the Egyptian public would have viewed us as their enemies, as he was a disgusting oppressor. We lost Iran because of the same mistake by Carter’s*** policy to support Shah instead of the people. Except for Obama, none of the recent presidents understood that the relationship is between people and not the dictators who come and go.

We need a President who places America first, not his interests.


If Carter had asked the Shah to step down and work with the people of Iran and Khomeini, he would have remained the head of the state like the Queen of England, and the transition would have been smooth.

That one wrong decision led the Iranians to see that America is siding with their oppressor. Which lead to the hostage crisis, Shah was on the run disgracefully and had to be buried elsewhere, and Carter lost the election.

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