Today, I voted for Barack Obama

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Don’t let your civility be ruined by politics. Congratulations if you have
voted for either of candidate, passion is good, hate is not. Even though it is
a private matter, a few of us share whom we voted for and I will share my list.
Hate me or love me, I am an open book. If you can congratulate your friend who
voted the candidate you did not like, then you are a person worth talking to.

Its worth mentioning that my friend Ken Scarborough and I are Republicans on
the opposite ends of the spectrum, we see our differences and let it pass. I
appreciate that. I urge you to read my piece – protect yourselves from politics

voting is mostly Republican, a few Democrats, and certainly Barack Obama and
Joe Biden. In the past, I was straight line Republican except the President and
the Governor.
Cruz is really not a right winger, he is more to the center and rationality
does touch him, meaning he will listen to another point of view and can
intellectually argue with you, unlike Michelle Bachman and a few others, who do
not make any sense even to a high school kid.

Met the Democratic congressional Candidate Tim Rusk, really like him as a
person, but he was not enthused about himself. So I stayed with Kenny Marchant,
even though I have not agreed with Kenny on a few issues. If he gets out of
hand, we can reason with him.

were two more candidates in judicial district, I cannot recall their name but I
voted for them. A few places were uncontested by either Republicans or Democrats.
There were several libertarians… and unfortunately, I did not take the time to
learn about them and I am sure they are doing their work.
is my list,
Barack Obama Joe Biden
R Ted Cruz
R Kenny Marchant
R Craddick
R Commissioner
R Don Willett
R John Devine
D Michelle Petty
D Keith Hampton
_ Barbara Parker Harvey
_ Elsa Alcla
R Pat Hardy
R John Carona
D Rafael Anchia
R Carolyn Wright
D Dan Wood
R Jim Moseley
R David Lewis
R Molly Francis
R Doug Lang
R Bob Fillmore
D Eric Moye
R John Devine
R Mike Lee
R Tom Nowak
D Lupe Valdez

was going to vote on the day itself, but in the last minute, I could not hold
myself, I just had to go and do my duty to my nation.
you are still undecided, please take a look at a few pieces in support of
Obama, I have written 60 pieces about him, and 40 about Romney. You know Romney
was my choice, until he started flip flopping and I lost him. Not sure what he
stands for.

Huffington post; Choice between Chaotic Romney and Stable Obama

Dallas Morning News: Do we thirst for political leaders

Pieces on Barack Obama

40 Pieces on Mitt Romney

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