The World is full of Goodness

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There is a lot of good around us, than the bad. I would venture to say 99% of
your time witnesses good, but you take it as normal which you may take it for
granted,  but when 1% of your time goes
bad, it un-nerves you.  Look around you,
seriously, you have 365 days in a year, you go to work 50 some weeks… how many
bad encounters did you have? 

Thank God for the 99% of goodness in people, if it was more, life would be
difficult.  Imagine if bad people were
99%? How difficult it would have been for you to go to work, travel, eat in a restaurant,
and go to a movie….how many rapes, domestic violence, homicide, theft or
vandalism would happen in any given day.

This morning, I could not move my car, it was covered up with snow and the
ground had 2’ snow all around it.  The guys
who were plowing the snow, stopped and helped me clear the snow from the front
and back of the car…another gentleman saw me push the snow off the car with my
bare hands… obviously I am not prepared to deal with this weather, he lend me
his shovel… then the car would not move… two guys walked up and pushed the
vehicle into a drivable spot. – why did they do it? There is an inherent
goodness in all of us, and I could not resist bringing them coffee in this
cold, we have to express gratitude to complete life transactions.

So, what good did you do today, or someone else did to you or someone else? It
is good to share and remind ourselves, goodness dominates in life.  

Mike Ghouse
Motivational Speaker 

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