The joy of being one

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Whether the situation is within the family –
saying one thing to your sister and the other to your brother, one to
your spouse and the other to your friend… that is the worst thing we can
do to ourselves and our joy.

Over the
years I have learned that if you are one and the same no matter where
you are, what you do… and if you speak the same whether your are sleepy,
drunk, angry, calm… you’ll be the happiest person on the earth. That
was my mother’s advice when I was a kid, and I appreciate that very

by the way, I speak, write, think and act the same
whether I am with Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus or any one, and with
White, African American, Asian or European … and it wouldn’t worry me a
bit what others’ say, I am the same and that gives me peace.

Mike Ghouse

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