The Great American Culture

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When I
took my kids to see Taj Mahal, there was a long line, and some guys were
trading their position for money, it’s a business for them. Obviously they recognized
us to be foreigners, and were making an all out effort to sell the closest
position. For a moment I was tempted, my kids read my face, and together in
unison, they screamed at me. NO DAD.  
Nowhere else on the
earth, people respect other people’s rights as we do here in America. We
respect other people’s time, and we respect lines. Even our president stands in
the line when he or she (in three years) visits the military bases.  We just don’t dare cut through the lines no
matter how big the lines are.

Shame on this lady from Manhattan for hiring a handicapped tour guide, so she
and her kids can cut through the lines in Disney land.  

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