The Dangerous Idea of Protecting Religions

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The Dangerous Idea of Protecting Religions

A good debate is warranted on the issue. Reference is made to the stand taken by USCIRF (United States Commission on International Religious Freedom) listed below.

Reflections; a day with Maya and Toltec people
The members of the Memnosyne Foundation and a few friends of the foundation took a trip to the Mayan cultural center in the Yucatan Peninsula Mexico between Nov 7th and 12th led by Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk.

Psychology today on Fort Hood – Why Did He Do It?
We are jumping to conclusions. At this point, of course, we know very little, but that doesn’t prevent many commentators from speculating, and some from jumping to conclusions.

Blaming Nidal’s religion is dumb.
In the very same town Killeen a decade ago, some Looney like Major Nidal walked into Wyatt’s cafeteria and randomly killed 32 people dining in peace, an idiot opened the fire in the Holocaust Museum in DC… and there are umpteen incidences like that… why do they have to pick Islam in this case?

Towards a kind and just society
God wills for humanity to strive for a balance; social, spiritual, biological, physical, moral and environmental. When this elusive equilibrium is achieved, where no one is afraid of the other, oppression becomes a story, exploitation fades away, and goodwill becomes the norm of the society. Religion has achieved its goal; indeed, God is all about peace and equilibrium

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