Thanksgiving Planning

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Thanksgiving is the ultimate balancing act in every one’s life. When you receive goodness from others, you are indebted to them, and until you say thanks, you feel a sense of imbalance, incompleteness, and a sense of missing something … and it adds to your inexplicable discomfort. There is an unfinished transaction out there, and at times it is difficult to figure. But there is a solution, an easy but a powerful one. Just say thanks, a simple thank you will do a lot of good to us, and our relationships. Most people say thanks without fail, those who miss out on a few things, we have a an opportunity to reflect on this Thanksgiving day.

Here are a few suggestions at

If you tie the loose ends, there is joy for you.
You have plenty of time to do it, but do it. 

If you don’t believe in God, that is fine, it is still a release when you say thanks to the benefit giver. But if you believe in God, the formless, being or non-being, one or many, male, female or gender-less  your faith invariably prescribes you to say thanks to God in the form of prayers or supplications… even for the only gift you may have; able to breath.
the shortcomings, please make a list of all the people you want to thank, even for
the littlest thing they have done for you… say thanks, call them or mail them a
card. It is very uplifting thing to do. 
You know  the best time to make that list? Its your lunch hour… wherever  whichever restaurant you want to go including the peaceful McDonalds, Wendys or your favorite… my favorite place is the library, that is my heaven! Be with yourselves to make that list… there
is joy for you.

Once the list starts building, watch the good within you surfacing and making you happy. 
I will repeat my story of a man who had no limbs, no legs, just a torso, he was grateful that he could see the blue skies, smell the dirt when it rains, which is my favorite too,  enjoy the aroma of the food as he went door to door asking for food or alms.. its a real humbling story that I was a part of, and Appaiah stunned me when he was so full of thanks for that life… I want to thank Tehran Times, the Iranian News paper who had published that piece a few years ago… that was joyful to me! They just pulled it out of my blog God willing I will get that story published in Huffington Post for thanksgiving, with additional info on my blog.
Thank you.
Mike Ghouse  

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