Tennessee High School students go on a field trip to a Mosque and a Temple, Fox makes a big deal out of it.

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Students from a Tennessee High School go on a field trip to a Mosque and a
Hindu Temple, they were given copies of the Quran, a few accepted and few did
not, a few joined in the meditation and few did not – what’s the big deal about
Sean, I am with the parents, I want my kids to go to all places of worship or
none. However, in the given time limitation, you learn what you don’t know, and
not what you already know. It makes perfect sense to learn about Hinduism,
Islam, Sikhism and others who have been misunderstood and a target of bigotry. 

Most kids in schools have a good idea about Christianity and Judaism. Ideally,
they should be scheduled to visit all places of worship, including Pagan and
earth based religions.

Sean we
have problems in our society because we don’t know each other and what we know
about the others are bad things that are not true.  Given that, the school trip is the right thing
to do, the kids need to know about other faiths.

Within a decade, there will not be a work place, restaurant, movie theater,
football game, or public transportation or the airplane where you will find
people of different races, religions and ethnicities – and with that conflicts
are bound to arise, this is a good thing the school is doing the field trips.

We owe it to our kids not to be dumbfounded when they run into a Sikh, Hindu or
a Muslim.

A few kids accepted the Quran from the Mosque on their field trip, and a few
did not, a few joined the meditation at the Hindu Temple and a few did not. They
had a choice, what’s the problem with Fox News with that? Would you rather
them grow up as bigots?

If we care about America, we have to build a cohesive society where no American
has to live in fear of the other, and fear mitigates when we know each other.

Please note – the uplink did not
work, and the video message did not get transmitted last night, a first time on
Fox News. Sean went solo on the segment with Todd Starnes who wrote the story.

Mike Ghouse is a public speaker committed to building cohesive
societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. All about him
at www.MikeGhouse.net

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