Supreme Court sides with Muslim woman – I am proud of America

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I am proud of America, the land of freedom, justice and fairness.  Indeed, every day new standards of civilization are being set, and most of the Americans strongly believe in our immortal declaration, that all men are created equal. It is not what you look, wear or believe that matters, it is what you can do that matters. |

I am proud of our supreme court for upholding the law of equality.  A few more law suits and heavy penalties will straighten the wicked in our midst.   I wish we could fund minorities all over the world to sue and make a point that you cannot discriminate any one. 

No one in America can get away using derogatory language towards Jews and African Americans.   However, a few among us are getting away with abusive language towards Muslims, Hispanic, Gays and Lesbians. As Americans we need to come together and put an  end to this abuse.

It is time for these three communities to sue the crap out of the employers, men and women in congress, senate, news anchors, radio hosts and their likes.  It is time to bring them on par with all Americans and have them learn to respect the otherness of others. 

Supreme Court sides with Muslim woman in workplace discrimination case

By Lydia Wheeler – 06/01/15 11:05 AM EDT

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