Stuck in life; How to free yourselves from obsession

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It pains me to see
some of my friends obsessed with intense “dislike” or “hate” for
someone. No matter what the topic is, or what happens that is all
they want to talk about.  I feel their
pain, and wish I could help them free themselves and see other things in
The following story has helped several
friends, and I hope it helps some of your friends.
Two Buddhist monks
were waiting for the flooding to recede on a stream so they can
cross it. A pregnant woman joins them and all the three waited for a few hours
and started talking about crossing it any way. 
The woman asks the monks, if they can help her cross.

The Monks looked at each other, and the junior says “No” to the lady, while the senior
monk asks her to ride on his back and he will carry her over across the flooded
stream. So they crossed and the senior dropped her and the monks
resumed walking.

After about 5 minutes, the junior could not hold it anymore and blurted out, “You
are supposed to be a role model for me and resist touching or feeling a woman,
and instead you carried that woman on your back, her whole body was rubbing
against yours, her breasts were pressed on your back and you were holding her
legs… did you enjoy that?

The senior monk realized
the gravity of the situation and stopped, looked into the eyes of the junior
and said. When I dropped that woman 5 minutes ago, she was out of my mind,  but you are still carrying her.   

I dealt with two individuals this week, one of them dropped and the other one propped
the question again. So, I tried this time with religion, he is a Christian
and I mentioned to him that “forgiveness” is the central theme in every religion
including the teachings of Jesus. Forgiving brings relief and freedom.

The kid
is an Islamophobe, I asked, do you want to know what Islam says about it? He reluctantly
shouted what?  The person who God loves
most is the one who forgives, he said really? Looks like he is going to study
about it and I hope he does and frees himself up.

Do you have people you need to forgive? Do it now, and find the relief from
obsession with dislike or hate for the other. You’ll be happy that you did.

Thank you

Mike Ghouse, President
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Mike Ghouse is a public speaker, thinker, writer and a commentator on Pluralism, Islam, India, Israel-Palestine, Politics and other
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