Speak up, it will make a difference

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The flight from Washington to Dallas was delayed due to a small technical problem. About 17 passengers had to change their flight in Dallas to go to Seattle. The pilot announced that the passengers can get off and make other arrangements, but they all came back as there was no other arrangement. Luckily the connecting flight in Dallas was delayed, and I asked the pilots through the attendant to announce that when the plane stops in Dallas – let the Seattler’s get out first, and he did announce it, and they dashed out of the plane to catch their plane. Amy an attorney sitting next to me was one of the beneficiaries that appreciated.

Last year, the traffic to Reagan airport was held back by a police officer and people were panicky to catch the flight to their homes for Christmas to be with their families. They were getting off the taxis in the middle of the road and running to the airport. I stopped and talk to the police officer to let people go and let them be with their families. He looked at me like I was crazy, then I repeated again and said to come back next week and give all the tickets he wants to give. He listened to me and released the traffic.

I landed in Dallas to 76 degrees, sunny and blue skies! Left DC at 37 – what a difference! I will be here for Christmas with my family.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Mike Ghouse

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