Sicko Politicians about Supreme Court nominee and their Joke

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No one seems to be clean, neither Democrats nor Republicans. We need a new breed of people to run for public office – they go in there to serve a maximum of two terms, if they are elected at the end of the first term if not take a hike. No one should sit there to become a professional politicians bought out by the interest groups, get out and let others serve. They need to put America first, and not their interests.

I dislike the words “Powerful Senator” or “Long term serving congressman” both are anti-democratic. We need Senators and Congressmen who serve and not flaunt around their bloody power.

Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate majority leader jumped the gun and flat out said he will oppose any of Obama’s nominees to replace Justice Scalia at the Supreme Court that was ugly bad; he has a record of saying that his only purpose in Senate is to defeat Obama. Is this the reason he wants the power?

Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Senator said identical things 8 years ago to Bush that he cannot nominate a Supreme Court Judge in the last year of his election. Now, the news findings are Democratic senate had voted against it in 1960.

Hypocrites or idiots, they need to look into their own pants before calling others dirty.

Ted Cruz lied about not confirming any nominee in 80 years, whereas it has happened plenty of times. CBS News guy established the fact and did not give any leeway to the candidates. Last night, Jeb and George Bush were on Sean Hannity, repeating the same BS – which it has not happened in 80 years. All the Republican Presidential candidates ‘believe’ the same lie and the only thing they are offering to Americans is to undo what Obama has done, a bunch of destructors. They have nothing constructive to offer.

Hillary has a lot of baggage on her back; I don’t know how she is going to shake it off, though she is better than all the candidates on the other side.

I had a high opinion of Jeb, but the more he opens his mouth, the more he doubles down on his imbecile statements, no one can justify the lies his brother said and he keeps defending him. That does not sit well with a majority of Americans. For the sake of dignity, I wish GW had stayed out of public eye, Trump will attack him, even though I did not like the actions of President Bush, I won’t like Trump denigrating him in public either.

Sanders seemed clean, but the new revelations are he opposed the Iraqi war but had voted to fund it, same goes with Homeland funding.

Where is a clean politician?

Here is a joke, a man was riding a horse in a Cannibal country, he was hungry and stops at a road side restaurant with a big Menu board that said – Teacher’s Ribs $10, Preacher’s Ribs $15, and Politician’s Ribs $25. The man was puzzled with such a huge difference in price, so he asks the owner of the restaurant why the politician’s ribs are twice more expense than Teachers? The man replied – have you ever cleaned one of those things?

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