Shaping Carrollton Politics

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Shaping Carrollton Politics tonight in Candidates Forum
Sponsored by: Barbeque Tonite, Carrollton
Video & Photo: Bombay Photography
The program was videotaped and will be on YouTube with a title “Shaping Carrollton Politics”  and other sites including

It is not a run of the mill candidate forum and it is not about the typical budget issue. It is about building a cohesive Carrollton where no resident has to live in apprehension of the other and more importantly, they need to feel welcome.  We hope you will find this meeting meaningful in building our future.

1.      NATIONAL ANTHEM – Played out Audio

2.     PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Led by former Mayor Ron Branson
3.     PLURALISM GREETINGS – Greetings from A-Z Religions
4.     PURPOSE:  Carrollton is enriched with every race, religion and ethnicity and as residents of this city, we want that to continue. 
It’s my dream to make our city an exemplary city in social cohesion, where we learn to respect and appreciate the uniqueness of each one of us.  Peace is a product of opening our hearts and minds and learning about each other instead of believing in dished out versions of the other. If I need to feel safe, secure and peaceful, I need to work to make sure everyone around me is safe.  If I live in fears, it is likely the others do the same.
The program will be taped and sent as a model event in series of events to take place throughout the United States of America to build cohesive societies
a.     Salim Odhwani, Barbeque Tonite Restaurant
b.     Dignitaries, Former Mayors Becky Miller and Ron Branson
As a society, it is our responsibility to keep law and order and faithfully guard the safety of every citizen. Hate is one of the many sources of disrupting the peace in a society and it is our duty to track down the source of such hate and work on mitigating it.  America together, Americans Together is an educational and pragmatic initiative to wean out myths from reality that is hurting the social cohesiveness of America. The myths are vigorously pumped in by a few insecure souls to disrupt delicate balance in the society by pitching one American against the other for their perceived gains.
The purpose of this “America Together” is to remove such myths in an open discussion forum and restore the cohesiveness of our society and work towards building a safe and secure America.
            Cathy Henesey, place 4
            Bob Garza, place 4|
                        Bonnie Kaplan, place 2
                        Anthony Wilder, Place 2 – declined to attend
Since our independence in 1776, we have been tested time and again by various political, economic and religious forces to divide us, however, at the end we have come out strong as one nation. The Civil War, the Great Depression, the World War, Pearl Harbor, Women’s rights, Abortion, the Vietnam War, Civil Rights, Budget Deficits, Unemployment, 9/11, the Iraq and Afghanistan War have all been difficult, but we will make it through and sanity will prevail.
To the naysayers, we say, if we don’t do a thing about it, nothing good can be expected to happen.
Please pass the microphones… after response.
a.     Civil Unions,
b.     Racial profiling,
c.      Islamophobia,
d.     Anti-Semitism
e.      Immigration reforms in Farmers Branch
f.       Anti-Circumcision issues in San Francisco  
8.     What plans do they have to keep the social cohesion in Carrollton? We have come a long way to embrace and accept the otherness of other and we have a whole lot more to go; in the coming months we will be holding meetings to understand the complexity of issues such as Gay & Lesbian acceptance, Anti-Semitism, Stereotyping, Racial profiling and hope to find answers that will lead to accepting the otherness of other to co-exists in harmony despite our differences.
9.     Q & A

Please ask the question without commentary, we need to get a few questions answered and I request you to just ask the question… take a minute. Thank you.

Carrollton is enriched with every race, religion and ethnicity.    
The following is an inclusive prayer called the prayer of Pluralism. We pray for the well being of every resident of Carrollton. 
Let’s reflect, wish and pray:
Dear Creator of the universe,
Please accept our gratitude in every name we call upon you; Manito,  Yahweh, Elahi, Ishwar, Allah, Mahavira, Buddha, Wahe Guru, Ahura Mazda, mother earth and Jesus Christ.  

Dear Causer of the universes,

In your name we want to create a cohesive and peaceful Carrollton with care kindness and dignity to every one of the 130,000 residents of this beautiful City. 
Dear God,
Help us appreciate the prosperity and progress brought to us by our former Mayors, Gravely, Stokes, Miller, Branson and guide our current Mayor Matthew to build a cohesive Carrolton.
Guide us in selecting two candidates from the four, who can serve our city and work on strengthening our unity. 
Guide our council members to treat,
Respect and honor every resident with their heart and soul.
Let goodwill prevail towards fellow Americans.
Guide our Mayor and the council to serve us with integrity and honesty;
Guide us to serve our communities with the spirit of volunteerism;
Guide us to do the right thing every moment of our life;
Guide us to open our hearts and minds toward our fellow beings;
Guide us to shed the arrogance in us, and enrich us with humility
Guide us to become conflict mitigaters and goodwill nurturers.
Dear God, Protect our men and women in uniforms committed to our safety and well being.
Help us learn to respect the uniqueness you have blessed to each one of the 130,000 of us in Carrollton,
And help us learn to respect everywhich way one adores you and worships you.
May God drench and soak us with peaceful thoughts and goodwill.
In your name, we bow to you.
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