Scenic Drive On I-64

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I returned from Louisville, a 600-mile drive, enjoying Rajendra Kumar film songs with my friend Shariff. On the way, we stopped at Cracker Barrel, one of my favorite travel spots – we ate a hearty chicken fried steak.

We had a surprise, the couple on the table and next to us and I had an excellent political conversation; after they left, the waitperson said the couple paid our bill. Wow!

I always turn the cell phone off when dining, except to take the pics. I have made a conscious decision to pay full attention to whatever I’m doing or whoever I am with at that time. It is respectful to give the time to the person you are with; indeed, whatever I do, I do it wholeheartedly. 

The Freeway 64 through WV Is one of the most beautiful scenic routes; it was a joy to drive-thru there. The entire freeway was meandering through valleys and twinning with the river Kanawha. We both were very excited to see the nature and beauty of the land. The State Capital with a Gold dome sits in the valley with a river stream running around it. I have to find an excuse to go through there again and again.

On our way back, we stopped at Virginia Tech to talk to a Ph.D. candidate to see if he could join the center for pluralism as Executive Director; he has shown his willingness. His daughter was friendly and wanted to hug us, and we cherished that very much. I have three grandchildren around her age, and I loved the time I spent with them around thanksgiving. It is a blessing to connect with children.

Mike Ghouse

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