Rush Limbaugh's Dollar based Apology

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We know Limbaugh is wrong and he knows it as well, a half hearted apology is the most we can expect from an egomaniac and we need to let it go, his time has come.   Men like him don’t buckle because they are wrong, they do it because it affects their paycheck.  

When he saw advertisers were pulling out, and most probably the broadcasters told him, Rush, with the advertisers gone, you will be gone too.  Remember Beck?
This is a great example of turning the tables on the idiom, “evil persists because good men do nothing about it.”  Indeed, evil stops, if good people do something about it.
I am disappointed, that Republicans did not have the courage to speak up and tell Limbaugh that he was wrong. Ms. Fluke was testifying in favor of contraceptives to an all men congress and Rush jumps in and calls here a prostitute and a slut. That is disgusting intolerance on his part, and he calls himself a conservative? Where are you manner Mr. Limbaugh? Is that the way you talk about a lady? That is not what the Republican Party stands for, and that is not conservatism.
George Stephanopoulos writes at ABC news about the following candidates,
Santorum: “While Rick Santorum said Limbaugh’s comments were “absurd,” he said the radio host was an “entertainer” and “an entertainer can be absurd.”
Gingrich: “Rather than criticizing Limbaugh’s choice of words, Newt Gingrich instead blasted Obama for “opportunistically” calling Fluke on Friday to thank her for testifying.”
Romney: “It’s not the language I would have used.”
Boehner: “Boehner comes out and says Rush’s language was inappropriate. Using the salad fork for your entrée, that’s inappropriate”
George Will was right, “It is the responsibility of conservatives to police the right and its excesses, just as the liberals unfailingly fail to police the excesses on their own side.”
The Republicans stood on the side lines on the issue and I am disappointed. I am glad at least we had one who spoke up, Peggy Noonan said,  “Limbaugh’s comments were “crude, rude, even piggish” and that they were “deeply destructive and unhelpful.” She should have run for the president, the lady has guts!
President Obama was blunt in calling Limbaugh’s statements, “reprehensible,” knowing well that it is bad politically. Now, Rush will make it his life’s purpose to attack Obama daily.  President did the right thing and I wish the Republicans had spoken in the same manner. We are all in this together, to do the right thing and discuss issues in civil manner and not call Ms. Fluke a slut for part-taking in the democratic process.

I would urge Mr. Limbaugh to offer a sincere apology followed by decency towards women and men alike who disagree with him. It is an opportunity for him to prove that he is a real conservative, not by bashing others but by highlighting the goodness of conservatism.

I am a moderate Republican and I sound like a conservative against the Chickens Romney, Santorum and Gingrich.
Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker and a writer offering pluralistic solutions on issues of the day.

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