Richard Dreyfus’ War on Terrororism

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Richard Dreyfus on War on Terrorism

I just happened to see Richard Dreyfus interview and simply enjoyed listening to him- he has understood that framing the war on Terrorism is downright stupid. I was thrilled to see some one using literally the same words that I wrote on March 27, 2008. By stereotyping terrorism with the use of the world “Islamic Terrorism” we are alienating a bunch of people.

Throw me in the ditch for the crimes I commit, inflict the punishment I deserve, but please do not unleash your fury on my family, my parents, my town or my religion. I should be responsible for my acts, and no one else. This should be a common principle and norm, we should abide by.

This essay explores the mistakes our Administration has made in not facing the terrorist squarely; and instead acting out like cranky babies. The world communities will be with us, with their hearts and minds in fighting the menace of terrorism, if we go after the individuals responsible for the crimes and not their families, their nation or their religion. We will achieve far greater success, if we learn to laser bark at the criminals, instead of barking at the universe. Full Article at:

Remember Dreyfus?

He was silenced by the AIPAC some 20 years ago when he said the right things about going about finding peace in the Middle East.

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