Republican Party and Mike Ghouse

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Republican party and Mike Ghouse’s commitment

I have been a Republican for nearly 25 years and will remain one. There is not a
day, I have not been questioned for being a Republican, many simply cannot
fathom that a guy like me with an inclusive pluralistic attitude can be a

Yes, I am a Republican, a
moderate one, like the majority of us in every group. The few loud mouths in my
party do not represent the central values of the party. Some one even said,
“they will not allow you to speak up”. My response was who is they? The party is
open to every one, it is my party as much as it is Carl Rove’s

Despite the problems I may
face as I embark on the journey of putting the party back on the right track, to
represent Americans, not just one homogenous group, but every American, I will
not let any one harass me and I will not put up with any one’s rants.

Those of
you who are not Republicans, do sincerely wish that the party drops its
anti-stance on women, gays and lesbians, atheists, Muslims, Hindus, immigrants
and others, and wish a softening of their attitudes towards African Americans.
Unless some one speaks up, how do you expect the change? There are better
speakers than me, and that is good news, together we all can restore the party
to be the party of the people.

To the skeptics, I am not a
token, nor will I ever be. I earn my place where I want, rather than a easy way
out elsewhere. I am committed to do my share of work and leave the results to
the good energy.

I believe in the original
ideals of the party. Carl Rove, Michelle Bachman, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich,
Rudy Guiliani, John McCain, Tim Pawlenty and Paul Ryan do not represent the
central values of the party, they are Republicans alright, but on the far

I am more like Chris Christie, Arnold Schwartznegger, Collin
Powell, Joe Scarborough, and John Huntsman kind of Republican. I am searching
for these folks to build a coalition to bring the Republican party to the
center, to represent the values of most Americans.

Since the lies that led to the Iraq war, I have not
been kind to President Bush or Vice President Dick Cheney. There are many who
are not kind to them, and many a Republicans have given them a free pass, which
should not have happened. I am not kind to John McCain either. If you don’t
agree, welcome to the world of freedom of speech. You have a right to curse me
or chew me out, but I expect you to give me facts and not bullshit.

I am
as committed as you are, to have the party represent an average American. Our
approaches are different, but the goal is same. I don’t typically agree with
Guilliani, but he said something right today – that the party should mind its
own effing business and keep out of the bedrooms, to that I would add, keep out
of the vaginas and religion as well. Let freedom prevail.

This is my index page, and I
will be listing all the articles and my speeches that I wrote in the last few
years with a an abstract summary and the link. I will list as many as I can
find… It may take me a few weeks to pull them all together. I have just opened
this inded today. November 8, 2010.

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