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Neocon bait from the Netherlands on Qur’aan
Mike Ghouse, January 20, 2008

The old Banker of Great Britain had written laws on how to get rid of bad torn up currency; he called it Gresham’s law – which states “Good money will chase bad money out of circulation”.

Muslims can learn from this law – the only way to kill a bad idea is to float good ideas on the market. I am writing this is in response to a ten minutes documentary made by Geert Wilders; a Dutch lawmaker, and it is billed as “a ten-minute film exposing the horrific passages of the Koran.” This is expected to be aired on January 25th. All hell may freeze over and may this day pass without any incidence.

First of all, the horrific pages they are referring to are misunderstood verse, rather mistranslated verses. It is our duty to produce answers for this error and produce equally good documentaries to present the truth. We must avoid the temptation to preach or teach, but simply present it as information for people to review. Let people make up their own minds.

The moderates, who make up the majority of any people, should not expect the hard core Neocons to read this documentation or even see a documentary should it be made. Neither their counterparts, the Muslim Neocons will see their documentary either. Both are trouble makers, their duel is messing the peace loving majority of Muslims, Christians and others. We need to speak up.

The movie is produced with the evil intention of maligning Islam and agitating Muslims. It is going to test the mettle of Muslims. Let’s not fall prey to this bait. Indeed, let’s thank these guys for making a big deal about it, as it gives us the opportunity to present the truth in the open market, at least some will see it. If we do nothing positive about this event, shame on us.

Here are a few opening thoughts that we can enrich and modify to make it work in the best interests of humanity and peace.

1. The Imams can deliver sermons asking people to follow the Prophet’s example, where he prayed for those who pelted stones at him. Truth is far more important than the job and the people will always support the truth. Let the few who scream, keep screaming, it is time to discipline those cranky babies.

2. The goodness has to spread faster than badness and our Imams can bring about this change in a short period of time, but it is the responsibility of each Muslim.

3. Our Imams ought to take a personal interest in making at least 5 calls to the imams they know overseas and let that multiply. I do know that every Imam in America and Perhaps Canada is a peace maker, but we cannot say that about some of the Europeans and others.

4. Our Imams can turn the tide around and become the peace makers; i.e., mitigating conflicts and nurturing goodwill.

5. The Mosque administrators can distribute fliers and constantly talk to those few, just those few extremists whose head does not comprehend peace.

6. It is in our interest and interests of the world of Islam to put the extremists behind bars. That is what Islam is about, peace making.

7. It is rather shameful to be in a position of defending, let’s fix our rascals and get out of our defensive mode.

8. May Allah give us the guts to take firm stand against extremism?

9. May Allah drain the fear of rocking the boat and embolden us to speak out the truth.

10. May Allah drain the fear of them bad boys, in reality they are chicken crap, and we can stop them by simply speaking up. Quote the Qur’aan to shut them up. Qur’aan does not support them.

11. Produce documentaries showing the truth with the intention of gaining the viewers to consider another version, rather than preaching or missionizing (Dawa) as it would be counter productive.

12. Lastly, each one of us needs to monitor any kind of extremism. All it takes is one idiot to make the lives of 1.5 Billion Muslims miserable. We should do our struggle to contain these elements that would be our good deed.

Please share this message with other Muslims. Every day those ugly Neocons are bombarding the airwaves with their propaganda, and our Neocons are giving a life to them. A majority of the general public does not believe those liars, but each passing day, they are gaining believers.

You and I need to do our share of goodness, and that is to check the growth of extremists’ thoughts, actions and words. We cannot expect peace, unless we are prompters of it.

*The word Neocon is used to represent extremists in all faiths, cultures and races.

We have begun the process of addressing those verses at Qur’aan-information tab at . Insha Allah, the 14 misrepresented verses addressed in the documentary will also be explained under the title “Geert Wilders misunderstands Qur’aan” on this website.

Jazak Allah Khair
Speak up, silent no more®

Mike Ghouse
Good for Muslim and Good for the world.

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