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Whether you are with your family, friends or alone, you can make your new year meaningful and reflective. For many years, I have set aside “TWO HOURS” yes, just two hours on new years eve or day and have focused on different aspects of my life and found a lot of peace and tranquility in knowing who I am and what I want out of life. In those two hours, I allow nothing else to crawl on my mind or deviate from the job I sat down for; knowing and defining myself.    

All you have to do is write down a few headlines like; family, friends, job, business, personal budget, travel, gratitude, freedom, society, volunteerism, spirituality, physical fitness, entertainment and finally your role in family and the society. You can write on the palm of your hand, notes section of the cell phone or a napkin in a restaurant. 

This is a trip to yourselves, you’ve been to places, done things, met people… it is time to visit yourselves and enjoy the connection. You’ll love it.

FAMILY – Thoughts on strengthening the bonds and spending more time with family – first I would write randomly with no sequence or priority, but just thoughts in bullet format, then I go back and enhance and reflect on each relationship within my family.

FRIENDS – same process, who are my closest friends, what kind of things I need to continue to do to nurture the relationships? Reflect on each friend and what I want happen with that relationship.

BUSINESS/PROFESSION – Where am I going with it, where will I be in a year, two or five years? I don’t have to be perfect and precise, but just a thought of having an idea of where I will be is good. Then develop from it. Those employed securely need not worry, you are blessed.

BUDGET – Take a look at your income from all sources and then put down monthly fixed payments that you have to pay. Then add those payments that you can do away with or add on to. Figure out what to do with the shortage or surplus.

TRAVEL– At least dream about it

GRATITUDE – Who all we need to thank for the good they have done

FREEDOM – Who all we need to forgive for the pain they have given us, and the misery we have heaped on them.  How do I free myself from that apprehension?  My blood should not boil when I see them or I should not get the urge to punch them upon sight.

SOCIETY – I scream out loud that things are not right; there is injustice, corruption, bigotry etc… Am I going to do something about it? Would I become their enemy or find a solution for all of us to co-exist and mind our own business.  The least I can do is support someone who is standing up for justice and making efforts to create a better world for everyone.  From just saying, I appreciate your work, to sending them a check to volunteering with them spreading the word and everything in between.

YOUR ROLE – What role do you want to play in the society? speak up when you see some thing is wrong, write a comment on blog or news paper, or tell friends that there is another point of view to consider… make a genuine effort to see another point of view. On my part I have determined that whatever I talk, think and act will lead towards mitigating  conflicts and nurturing good will and I will make every effort NOT to aggravate a situation. What is that you want to do? You think about it.

SPIRITUALITY – have I taken the time to visit myself, am I in tune with myself?  Can I make a serious effort to spend 5 minutes in the morning and 5 in the evening – just to close the eyes and remain calm, do nothing, think nothing and refresh myself. Or take a course in meditation, or a video… you don’t need to say any words or invoke God, just you and you with stillness.

2011 – How did you do it in 2011? No need to brood, instead use the time to improve on the things you have done wrong and cherish on the things you have done right.

You can make your own list, please do this exercise, it is worth your time and you will start finding meaning in your life.

Make your own list… at the end of the two hours, you will find relief, comfort and a sense of purpose in life.

On my part I am committed to build a cohesive America, and have laid out the outline at the website www.AmericaTogetherFoundation.com . If you like it join me, together we can do our share of work in creating a better world. You can volunteer, you can organize events, you can write or you can send a check from $50 to $5000 and see your time and money work for a better America. We are a non-profit organization and your monies are tax deductible.

By the way, I will be writing another reflective article on New Year’s. I wrote 315 Pieces this year thus far… and hope to write a few more by the end of the year. They are all at www.Theghousediary.com

Enjoy this beautiful song on the theme of visiting myself. It is one of my favorite songs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhQWND9jKDA

Mike Ghouse
Committed to building a cohesive America

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