Prof Audrey Turshcke Threatened

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Dr. Audrey Truschke Speaks on Hindu Supremacism & Threats to Academic Freedom in the United States

Prof Audrey Trushcke of Rutgers University is constantly threatened by the extremists Hindu Taliban, the Hindutva gang who have nothing to do with Hinduism or Hindus.

I can relate to the professor’s experience. I’ve had death threats from the white supremacists several times, including a letter with anthrax, which I turned over to the police.

One Patel threatened me on my radio show on a live call, stupidly gave me his number when I said, I’ll call him back. My Desi radio show was inclusive; we called the news segment BINPS – Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka- all my work involves equal treatment of fellow humans and nations, hence, in alphabetical order. The Patel guy had a problem with Pakistan in my news segment.

A month later, Late Ravi Kanth of Tv Asia called me up, and a guy from Dallas also threatened him for the same reason. I asked him if it was Patel, then I gave him the number. Finally, the FBI locked him up in Oklahoma penitentiary.

Another Russian guy posing as a Muslim had called me; the stupid also gave me his number. The story is in Wall Street Journal and a Japanese newspaper.

I was even threatened with a fatwa bomb by a Muslim about my radios show where I treated all religions on equal footing; he had a problem. In the end, I told him and his gang to go ahead, make my day. They didn’t.
I’m least afraid of these chickens. If I were the professor, I’d invite them to my office to talk with me, and if they lose civility, the FBI will be in the next room to arrest them.

Thank you

Mike Ghouse, President
Center for pluralism
Washington DC
(214) 325-1916

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