President Obama’s visit to Mosque is questioned

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The polarized minds are attacking his visit to the Mosque.

This piece is published  in several news papers.

  1. First it appeared in Baltimore Sun and has been published in different news papers in full or as a quote. 
  2. Baltimore Sun –
  3. New Jersey News –
  4. Gulf Today –
  5. Free Republic –
  6. Too many to keep track of. 

President Barack Obama’s visit to the mosque in Baltimore County today will help build a strong cohesive America and send a signal to the Muslim majorities elsewhere in the world — in roughly 50 Muslim managed nations — to treat Christians and other minorities with dignity, and encourage them to retain U.S. business relations and sustain our economic base of exports. 

Full Story at Baltimore Sun, you may find this op-ed resonate with his speech.

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You may find the op-ed above resonate with Obama’s speech. 

Full speech at YouTube – 

I was on Stuart Varney show on Fox News, and I will post the link later today. 

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