President Obama’s Speech at Tucson Memorial

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Listening to him is coming home to me, its being at peace and being a part of the energy that surrounds one. The goodness in him brings tenderness to the heart.  He is all about an inclusive America, an America that is good for every one of the 301 Million Americans. His speeches are inclusive and you can his stamp in everything he does. He praised Republicans in his speech and talks about Phyllis Schnae the gifted quilter who put both jets and Giants on the quilt, a republican came to see democratic Congresswoman Gabby’s speech.  I had gotten away from TV for over two years except watching the clips and Super Bowl, but last night I watched the 34 minutes video with joy.

Had we not gone to war in Iraq and Afghanistan and blew billions in destruction, we would not have faced budget deficits, unemployment and the difficulties we are facing today. Obama would have had an opportunity to restore America’s dignity around the world and become a catalyst to unite Americans. He has a difficult task and uphill battle.

I am still a Republican, a moderate one for that matter and have not changed the parties, and I sincerely wish to see at least a few among the Republican leadership to talk about peace, free themselves from hate for others and take Benadryl to stop itching for war and destruction.
I have written over a dozen articles and I find myself in tune with Obama, and there was a time, I was monitoring his speeches, and invariably I write and a week later Obama was using similar thoughts and words in his speeches.  and even wrote in advance that he will use similar words and he did.
You can watch my new site and you will see similar words of inclusion and cohesiveness, I need to listen to him more often.
Last night I watched this video… darn it some of the words on the 17th minutes and 18th minutes were exact identical in my speech some ten years ago, five years ago and in my press release at
17th Minute- sense out of chaos
18th Minute- talking that heals
23rd Minute- what small part we have played in making other peoples life better
24th Minute – part of our family, American family 300 Million
28th Minute the civil discourse
28th Minute- question each others ideas without questioning the their love for the country
29th Minute- how we treat each other is all about civility
31st Minute- unadulterated by hate
31st Minute- America to be as good as she imagined children’s expectations
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