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JAN 2008 – NOV 5, 2012
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President Obama – II Term


I have been on a roller
coaster with him, finally have chosen to go with him for 2012, after giving
ample time and deliberations on Romney. 

for Obama:
He is
inclusive and has a pluralistic vision for America, indeed, I could write
speeches for him, as I have monitored his speeches and my writings in 2008-2009,
he nearly spoke the same thoughts and words that I had written earlier. I
relate with him, we both are inclusive and have a view of a cohesive world and
a cohesive America where no one has to fear the other. Hell, I was even
considered to be one of  his special envoys to the OIC, I wish it had gone
through even as a deputy, I would have initiated a positive change in
Middle East with recognition of Israel, security to Israel, justice to
Palestinians and saving our dollars with peace. This is a must and I am
committed to do my share of work as an individual.
is my mentor in Pluralism, yet, I would have dumped him for Romney, if he were
good for America, after due deliberations, I decided to go with Obama on
Saturday, August 25, 2012. The catalyst was the
false propaganda movie 2016 Obama’s America, and I have written about

for Obama
1. He
should have listened to Bill Clinton when the budget battle went on, he was too
consultative and did not bully it out causing credit downgrade, of course, it
was the Republicans, but he could have pushed it instead of pussy footing it.
2. He
blew an opportunity to bring eternal security to Israel by recognizing
Palestinian statehood, he messed it up badly with 2012 on his mind, I will not
forgive him on that, and all the sane Jews and sane Palestinians would not
either. Read the whole story.
3. His
priorities were goofed up, he should have focused on the Job creation first and
then on health reforms, I am supportive of health reforms, there is a full
article about it. But he screwed up a successful system, not to worry about it;
the health reform is here to stay.  We need a healthy America; it is as
much a priority of nation as a secure America.  The tall and deceptive claim by Romney that he will repeal Obama care on
day one is ludicrous, who is he bullshitting? Would an average American let
that go? That is not how systems work.
4. When
Republicans messed with Payroll tax deduct extension and the budget battle in
2011, he should have gone to the public, like Reagan had done, Republicans were
wrong, but he did not pressurize them, they did come around, after
going through shenanigans.
5. Obama Blew the first presidential debate, indeed, I was angry for such a blunder. Item # 45 below

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  46. Texas Faith : Does President Obama need to “own God?”
    What happened in the
    first debate was an aberration; it was neither Romney nor Obama we knew. Indeed,
    God is part of their daily lives, and both of them will invoke God in the next
    debate as a part of their routine and not as a monkey see monkey do thing.
  47. America First – Go Obama, and not Romney for stability
    Obama is a sure
    thing, he will keep everything intact; he will not turn things upside down.
    Unemployment is steadily going down; Women can continue to feel secure, he will
    not repeal the Equal Pay Act, not repel equal insurance premiums for men and
    women, and will not repeal Roe v. Wade, will not do a flip on “Don’t ask, don’t
    tell”, and he will keep the veterans’ benefits intact… and a whole lot more.


  48. 2nd Presidential debate between Obama and Romney
    Obama is a sure thing; he
    will keep everything intact; he will not turn things upside down. Unemployment
    is steadily going down; Women can continue to feel secure, he will not repeal
    the Equal Pay Act, not repel equal insurance premiums for men and women, and
    will not repeal Roe v. Wade, will not do a flip on “Don’t ask, don’t tell”, and
    he will keep the veterans’ benefits intact… and a whole lot more
  49. Barack Obama Humor at Catholic Church
    I have not missed the Al Smith Dinner
    talk at Catholic Church in New York for three election cycles. Friends, this is
    America, where the President and his challenge poke fun at each other in good
    humor. Then there is another dinner where President invites the Media, that is a
    roaring dinner as well. This is American Humor at its best, watch the guys
    sitting behind Romney, explaining the jokes.
  50. Chaotic Romney versus Stablizing Obama
     If we look at these two men running
    for office on the issues of Security, women, freedom economy, health care and
    foreign policy, it makes it easy to consider voting for one of them. Romney’s
    actions (listed below) will push America into Chaos and Regress it back to
    Bush’s 2008 America, while Obama’s efforts will continue to bring stability to
    America. URL –
  51. Domestic policy and the Presidential candidates I have never been alarmed
    about the future of America as Iam now. We have gone through bad times, losing
    jobs, foreclosure of homes, living on food stamps, budget deficit, sacrifice of
    thousands of Americans in wars and devastation of other nations and deaths of
    millions of civilians, and finally we have a grip on the situation and don’t
    like to see a reversal of this.
  52. Final Presidential debate in Boca Raton
    Romney did not lose the debate, but
    Obama gained the points with independent voters. I watched the debate at
    Angelica Theater in Dallas and it was hilarious, as the public was making
    comments while booing cheering and jeering, it was a lively debate. The first
    big laugh came when Romney said he believed in gender equality, rights for women
  53. Presidential candidates pledge to the flag of Israel (Cartoon)
    The Israelis must be laughing at these guys racing to prove who is loyal
    to Israel. Jews need sincerity and not duplicity to feel secure. There
    was another cartoon, where the candidates were in a competition, “who licks the
    most” while Netanyahu was enjoying the service.
  54. Defending Obama on Sean Hannity
    The President had
    no reason to lie,” countered Ghouse, “Somebody didn’t communicate with the
    President, the President has promised to go get the bad guys and he’ll do that.”
    “The President is the source of the lies,” disagreed Horowitz, “Part of his
    re-election narrative is that he’s defeated Al Qaeda and yet here they’re
    killing our embassy and killing our Ambassador.”
  55. Protect yourselves from Politics
    Congratulations to those who have
    voted for Obama or Romney and urge you to go vote. Don’t let your friend’s
    support for the other candidate make you angry… Let our attitudes be, “I’m
    fine with your choice and I hope you are fine with my
  56. Frustrations with
    the Republicans for Obama, are pissed off at our President Obama for not
    bragging on his record of turning around a free falling economy, delivering
    stability, standing up for the average American.. continued at:

  57. Muslims back Obama, but by smaller margin than in

    Obama is not bragging on his record of turning around a free falling economy,
    delivering stability for America, protecting women’s rights, recognition of
    every American on an equal footing and securing America’s health, diplomacy that
    is producing results, and restoring respect for America in the community of
    nations by treating them on an equal basis instead of pursuing a bullying
    foreign policy that will build resentment towards us, and endanger our
  58. Resolute Obama v. Wishy-washy Romney (Image
  59. Texas Faith: Do we thirst too much for political leaders? 
    We can deal with the resolute Obama rather than a wishy-washy Romney with no convictions of being a moderate, liberal or conservative. As a moderate Republican, I was hoping for Mitt Romney to be our next president, but I am afraid he will repeal everything on his first day in the office; derail the stabilizing economy and job situation, mess with health security, control women’s freedom, be unkind towards gays and lesbians, and ignore the ones in ditches. I would rather have Barack Obama’s stability than Romney’s chaos -Mike Ghouse 
  60. Today, I voted for Barack Obama
    Don’t let your civility be ruined by politics. Congratulations if you have voted for either of candidate, passion is good, hate is not. Even though it is a private matter, a few of us share whom we voted for and I will share my list.


  63. Romney Obama Song
    Although my enthusiasm for the election has remained high, I am also tense, frightened at times about the prospects of getting the worse or worst guy elected as President. This is the first time I am deeply concerned and apprehensive about our nation’s next four years. What I did not do; 4 TV spots and a
On Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Obama won the 2nd Term presidency and we conclude this thread of 64 pieces and start a new one. 
MikeGhouse is committed to building a Cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. He is a professional speaker, thinker and a writer on pluralism, politics, civic affairsIslamIndiaIsrael, peace and justice. Mike is a frequent guest on Sean Hannity show on Fox TV, and a commentator on national radio networks, he contributes weekly to the Texas Faith Column at Dallas Morning News and regularly at Huffington post, and several other periodicals across the world. The blog www.TheGhousediary.comis updated daily. 

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