President Barack Obama – II Term

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This will be a list of articles I will be writing including a few short notes and graphics on President Obama during his 2nd term. I wrote 64 pieces through the first term.

Obama is one true Pluralist I have known, and I am inspired by him and over the last four years, he speaks what I write.. let me correct myself, when I know an event is coming up, I write a piece, and within a few days he speaks many things from that piece.

The second terms begins with his acceptance speech on Tuesday November 6, 2012.   Take a reading of my piece,  that I wrote and got published in Dallas Morning News by 5:oo PM, four hours before they started counting the votes.

Obama’s acceptance speech

President Bill Clinton at the Convention

Rachel Maddow a day before the General Election 

Mike Ghouse (64 Pieces from Jan 2008 through Nov 5, 2012)


  1. After Election, how do we become one? Dallas Morning News
    Election results tonight may severely impact on relationships between individuals and communities. As a pluralist my concern of the day is to offer pluralistic solutions and contribute towards preserving the cohesiveness of our society.
  2. Election Rally 2012
    Tuesday, November 6, 2012. It is a big night and the election rally night. I was not sure where to go, to the Democratic or the Republican. My goal was to connect and feel home with every political, religious, racial, ethnic, and social groups to understand people of different affiliations,  and  work together and build a cohesive America where no one has to live in apprehension or fear of the other.
  3. Thank God, day 1 passes without Chaos
    It is a list of 13 items graphic and a response to a friends question about trusting the commander in Chief – two major concerns addressed.….
  4. Obama’s Middle East Policy on KBOO Radio Oregon 
    It was a 30 minutes talk on  social cohesiveness, addressing burning of Sikh Temple in Vancouver, Obama’s 2nd term, foreign policy – Much of the foreign policy discussion followed by article in Huffington post
  5. Obama, I got the pen, and ready to sign
    Great demonstration of leadership, he said, “I have got the pen, ready to sign” and concluded, “Let’s get to work”.  This is the kind of language that gets the work done,
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