Placing the blame

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As members of the civil society, we have to find solutions for co-existence, it is not easy but our goals should be focused on it rather than get diverted to other issues.

We must continue to identify the sources of hate and conflict and figure out solutions. Almost always it is the individuals whose words prompt action, wars, and destruction of others they don’t like.

Clarity is a must in finding solutions; these individuals are responsible for prompting conflicts, and certainly not their race, ethnicity, religion or nationality. Let’s place the responsibility where it belong and not their periphery.

If there are a 1000 murders, 5000 traffic violation tickets in San Francisco;

it not the law books that are wrong, the violators, criminals and the 99.9/10th of good citizens follow the same law books,

it is not San Franciscans who are criminals,

it is not even our constitution that is wrong.

It is the individuals.

Blaming the wrong party has never produced justice in history and there is no reason it will now. We have to blame the wrong doers and haul their ass in to jails, then justice can be served.



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