Peshawar Massacre

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 My heart goes out to the innocent children. I have been trying to get my thoughts together about the death of innocent children, what possessed these loonies to take it out on children? How do we rid this ugliness from our societies? Where did we go wrong? I don’t see this as Peshawar’s problem; it is our problem, the problem of the entire world. Terrorism has to be choked, contained and removed, how do we do that?

The Pakistani flag will be flying half and here in Dallas, we are gathering up for a candle light vigil on Saturday. It reminds me of the columbine and new town massacres, loonies opening fire on children. 
How can we stop this?

This is the first time, I have gone completely speechless, did not know what to do. Did not write, unlike the times I have done before including the 9/11 day. 

I will find solutions to this and write about it.

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