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Patriot is some one who does good for his country, his people and the world.

Patriotism is not about dying for the country, it is rather living for the country to make your own and others life better. Instead of killing and getting killed, he believes in living and letting others live. He believes in mitigating conflicts and nurturing good will to create a safe world for every one. We cannot be safe unless others around us are not.

A man’s character is reflectd in how he/she treats the ones who are weaker than himself. Be it individuals or nations. Mr. Bush does not fit the bill.

1) He was some one willing to pick fights with other nations and put our men and women in harm’s way?

2) He produced more enemies for America than any other president in our history, thank God for Obama, all that hate generated will be undone.

3) He messed up our economy and got us into over a trillion dollar deficit, financing the uncalled for war and not willing to listen to 72% of Americans.

4) He brought disaster to the American Families? A million plus un-employed.

A patriot must be willing to die for his country in defending the principle for the which his nation stands for, but certainly not die for this country in vain, agression, destruction and killing of others who have done no harm to us. Mr. Bush’s dumb agression in Iraq cost nearly 4000 lives of our men and women, killed nearly a million Iraqi’s, put nearly 200,000 women on the street and don’t know how many children, and gave Al-Qaeda brutes a boost.

I have a hard time buying that he is a Patriot! yes, he took care of his friends and himself financially, yes he is a patriot to himself.

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