Parenting is a joy!

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Never have I screamed at my kids nor have I raised my hands
on them,  I understand discipline is
needed, but my father disciplined me by just looking at me with disappointment…
and that had straightened me out, I did the same to my kids and now I see my
son Jeff do the same to his son Jayden.
When Jayden (2 and half years old) refuses to do anything, Jeff
starts logic with him. Towards the end of his argument he asks, Daddy is
disappointed in you, do you like that? He would say no, then he will suggest,
if you do that Daddy will not be disappointed, right?  And I hear a Yes.
It was so good to see him reason with the kids (other one is
only 2 months old). Fern is inculcating good eating habits for Jayden, she
gives him veggies, food and fruits, and he loves it.    
With each successive generation, parenting is getting better
in terms of spending quality time with their offspring.  My Dad spent about fifth of the time my son
spends with his kids, and I probably did half of the time he does.
I am going to visit them once a month and I love spending
time with them. 
Jayden hangs on to me for the time I am there and wants me to
read or tell him the stories. I have cooked up a few stories that I told Jeff
and Mina and now the same stories are going to grandkids. He is a therapy to
me! I forget everything when I am with him. 
If you don’t have a kid, spend time with your nephews and nieces or
grand nephew and nieces, life becomes so much more meaningful.

Jeff, my son is a darn good father, and Fern my daughter in
law is an excellent and calm mother, and I love the way they team up in
handling Jayden with reasoning and logic! 

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