Palestinian Non-Violent movement

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Although the right wing Jewish and Palestinians may favor the two nation solution, it needs to be debated and all parties need to understand that, we cannot live in silos, eventually there will be larger federations in the Middle East of the likes of the European Union, a dream piped in by a few about the Subcontinent. A similar ideas was floated and executed 64 years ago resulting in India and Pakistan and it is an emotional drag on both people.

The nation of Israel exists and the Islamic nations or the future Muslim majority democracies around need to acknowledge endorse and establish diplomatic relations and to pave the way for stability in their neighborhoods.
The official Recognition of Israel by the Muslim majority nations is in the best interests of the actual Palestinians and the Israelis.
The stand taken by the right wing Israelis and Jews, the right wing Palestinians and Muslims has not produced results for either people.  We need to wash off the old mindset that has not worked in 63 years.
They are going through difficult times and are motivated by their security needs over the need to seek peace in the long haul and obviously patience is in short supply but score keeping is intense like two year old siblings.
It pains me to see the Palestinians languishing in squalor and camps for over three generations without an official national identity, shame on our civilization to have let our biases deprive them of the very basic human rights.   
One needs to understand the anti-Israeli sentiments as well, they see the Goliath running over the Palestinian David’s with sling shots, but to find long term solutions one must understand the security needs of the Jewish people. Both people are driven by security, not military security but the sense of living without apprehension.   The Jewish people have endured this pain of homelessness for over 3 thousand years.
We have to give the sense of security to the Jewish people and full hope and security to the Palestinians.  Recognition is one step that will break the camels back towards a better future.
I welcome the new peaceful non-violent movement to bring a positive change for the both the Palestinians and Israelis. What is good for one has got to be good for the other to sustain.
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