Obama’s Tango

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OBAMA’ Tango | TheGhouseDiary.com

President Obama was criticized by the Republicans for Tangoing in a State Dinner in Argentina while Brussels was bombed.  Nothing is new and facts don’t matter to my Republican friends, they are hell bent on criticizing Obama, they simply cannot think clearly.

Obama TangoingA president has to live a normal life as an example to others. Presidents Bush, Clinton, and Reagan have all lived a normal life. In fact Bush broke the silence when New York was down after 9/11, he encouraged people to go out do the shopping and start living.

The hypocrite Piers Morgan also criticized Obama, has stopped eating? Stopped living? Have you? Has anyone? Even the family members of the deceased did not stop living.  Even when the biggest tragedy fell on us on 9/11, did anyone stop living the normal life within their homes? When Hiroshima was bombed, did the Japanese stopped their life?

Life has to go on, it’s a hard truth but life does not stop and nothing stops. President Obama did the right thing by showing the world that we can function as normal beings with all our emotions – anger, sadness, joy and sorrow, thoughtful and playful.

If we are honest to ourselves, we will be fair to all including Reagan, Bush or Obama, and not single out Obama.

Here is an interesting piece by Maureen Dowd. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/27/opinion/sunday/obamas-last-tango.html?_r=0

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