Obamacare Is Good for America, Time for Republicans to Realize It

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Huffington Post – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-ghouse/obama-care-is-good-for-am_b_4082498.html

I am a moderate Republican, and am here to tell you, that neither I,
nor the Republicans or the Americans gave permission to Ted Cruz to turn
the nation upside down, we cannot break the rules and do what we
please. You and I are safe today, and our government remains a model of
stability to the world because we are a nation of laws. We have systems
to follow, a due process to hang on to, and rules to obey.

This act cannot be approved by conservative Republicans either, who
prefer stability over chaos, and are disciplined enough to follow a
system. That is how democracies work.


Ted Cruz sounds like a class room bully who frightens the kids and gets
away with it. He is indeed excess baggage of the Republican Party that
can be done with. Can the Senate or the president fire him? The answer
is obviously no, because we have a due process to do everything, and it
is embarrassing that the Republicans got bullied by him, and even the
conservatives threw the system of due process out the door. It is not
good for the country, it brings chaos.

Shame on me and fellow Texas Republicans for voting him in, but 2018
is not too far, we will do the right thing, but do it respectfully
obeying the law of the land.

The prime responsibility of Government is to protect her citizens
from external and internal enemies — the external being other nations
attacking us, and we need not worry, we have got the best defense forces
in the world. However, we are not defending millions of Americans with
our #1 internal enemy; disease, which is crippling productivity of
Americans from contributing to the greatness of America.

My fellow Republican need to understand that a healthy America makes
us a productive Americans, the health care is an investment in human
capital, and not a charity or subsidy. A corporation would rather have
productive employees than the ones who get sick frequently and lower its
productivity. It behooves for us to invest in the health care, even it
were totally paid for by our taxes. Healthy Americans makes a healthy

The Affordable Care Act is not a political issue. It is neither
Republican nor Democratic, it is an American issue, and it has two
dimensions; legal and human.

It is illegal to drive on the wrong side of the road, it is illegal
to go 40 MPH in a school zone during the school hours and it is illegal
to rob the bank at gun point. It is illegal to bust onto Capitol Hill
and stop their proceedings; it is illegal to stop the congressman from
doing his duty if we don’t like him or her. It is illegal to mess with
the established systems.

The Affordable Care Act was passed by the Congress, the Senate and
signed by the president and ratified by the Supreme Court. It is a shame
that few of the Republicans to claim that no Republican voted for it,
that is gross disrespect to our system. We honor all the legislations
passed by the elected representatives. This is a dishonorable act on the
part of the few and illegal. Shouldn’t there be consequences for
breaking the law? Shouldn’t I be arrested if I block Ted Cruz from
entering his office and doing his job just because I don’t like him?

The human side of the equation is inhuman, that these nuts continue
to be rewarded with a paycheck, and deny the same to 2 million federal
workers. I was listening to NPR, some congresswoman said, she has got to
have her paycheck because her son goes to college, what about the 2
million Americans, and don’t they have kids? Why should you be bloody

Then my own story — I could not afford the expensive health
insurance, and was hit by a massive heart attack on July 9 this year and
will be indebted for life to pay those bills. Then they say I needed a
Quad-pass surgery and I was tense, and did not want to get into debt, no
one would sell me the insurance. Thank God for the affordable health
care, my wife found me the company to insure me with the pre-existing
conditions. I am paying $380/month compared to $800 quotes I had
received before. There are millions of Americans out there who can’t
even afford that. 

What Republicans need is an education in business besides basic
biology and mathematics. We need to understand that the economy expands
with volume and brings prosperity to everyone. If we make insurance
affordable, the enrollment volume will pay for it, there is more money
in the piggy bank to even out with the consumption. Then of course, a
healthy America is good for the economy, good for business and good for
the American spirit.

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I urge my fellow Republicans and Americans to call on the Congress
and demand to reopen the government. I have sent faxes and published the
same. Please remember evil exists not because of men like Ted Cruz, but
because of men and women like you and I, who do nothing. What are we
afraid of doing the right thing? Please pick up the phone and make the
call to your representative. You can find his or her number at here.

Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker and a writer on pluralism,
politics, peace, Islam, Israel, India, interfaith, and cohesion at work
place. He is committed to building a Cohesive America and offers
pluralistic solutions on issues of the day

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