Obama Refuses to say Radical Islam, why?

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Let me invite you to reflect on common sense about the phrase Radical Islam.

President Obama is absolutely 100% right on choosing not to use the phrase. Sean Hannity had agreed not to use the phrase either, but he did succumb to the pressures.

Let me make this crystal Clear!

Let me explain how the society functions. If there is a rapist running around in the neighborhood, everyone is apprehensive and makes sure the women folk are guarded and protected, it is a human instinct. When you capture the guy, there is a relief, the trust in the society is restored and everyone starts living their life.

Do you agree?


In case of the Terrorist, don’t you want to get him?

If you blame the religion, what happens? Not a thing! Society at large remains apprehensive, the orange alert may turn into red alert, but nothing happens.

See, religion is intangible like the air you breathe and you cannot shoot, beat, slaughter, hang, kick or bury the religion, can you?

Do you see my point? Isn’t it dumb to bark?

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