Obama Leads Romney by 10%

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 As a moderate Republican, I was banking on Romney, he is in indeed a good
man, but a ruthless business man who will shut down things if they don’t pan
out in the short haul, sacrificing the long term good for America, a typical
corporate guy. He told, let Detroit go bankrupt, Obama did the right thing, and
pulled it through, thus creating jobs and adding to the growth of economy in
addition to regaining our glory in automotive industry.

previous president was secretive, and looks like the drove us to this
point.  He was a war monger, so is
Romney, it will screw up America, not them and their buddies who have safe
havens, but the 309 Million Americans. Now he is flip flopping on every
thing… I lost him again in this last week. He will make us a weak nation,
shutting one thing after the other making us weak, while he and his buddies
will walk away stashing in Swiss banks. He is an appeaser and falsely believes
that, the right represent majority of the nation, bad math on his part! I don’t
see any good happening to America through Mitt, and he may do more harm to our
nation than the good he claims to bring.
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