Obama deserves full credit, he has right to claim credit

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The superfluous claim by a few in behalf of seals that
they should have gotten the credit is baseless. Had the operation gone wrong,
it would have been Obama’s 2nd term on line, remember Carter?

Republicans should shut up and back off, before the disgusting
videos of Willie Horton against Dukakis, and fake videos against John Kerry appear on the horizon and embarrass
the double speak.

After all, when the helicopter crashed, the call to send the
back up, and the call to raid the compound was Obama’s.

Mitt Romney claimed, he would have made the same call, if he
would have made the same call, then why criticize the President? If Romney is
going to do the same, why does he need to run for the Presidency?

Mitt Romney were President, under the influence of erratic Republicans,
he would have carpet bombed Abbotabad and the entire region,  he would have had American thousand of American soldiers killed and hundreds of thousands of Pakistani soldiers, with huge collateral damage. Bush destroyed
them, destroyed our economy causing foreclosures and job
losses and three trillion dollars. His war on the wrong people, got
thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Afghans and

Laden was the target. Obama got him without collateral damage unlike Bush. I’d rather Romney be like Obama than Bush.
If he were Obama like, then Obama is good enough for another term.

Obama has every right to use the killing of Bin Laden to his credit. Remember
Bush Mission accomplished?

I am a Republican, a moderate one, and will not want to put
up with our party resorting to falsities.

We the Republicans need to earn votes by doing good to America and fellow Americans and not attacking the President, we will lose, we cannot fool the American Public.

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