Norway, Terrorism & Counter Terrorism

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First, we the people of all faiths, traditions and nations condemn the disgusting terrorist attack on Norway, killing at least eight and injuring scores. We extend our sympathies to the families and the victims of mindless terrorism.

Second, it is time to get rid of all the Terrorism experts that disgrace our television screens, Radio, Print and the Internet. Their advice to bomb and annihilate others has not worked and will never work. We cannot be safe if we keep threatening others with our might. Non-Violence approach will ensure that we all can live with freedom and without the fear of someone sticking it to us in our vulnerable moments.

Third, it is time to re-consider a long term policy on Terrorism; we cannot shut down terrorism with terror, when people take a position they dig in their heels and do more harm to themselves and others. Fact, religion, reason and logic are out of question for them, it’s you or me.

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