Newt, you can run but you can't hide

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Mitt Romney, Brian Williams and John King wanted simple answers, what did Newt do? Instead of answering, he attacks them and let them spin and fend themselves; King almost felt like it was a crime to do the follow up, Romney recovered at least once but Williams moved on. So, Newt goes Scot free and the supporters laud him. They will keep lauding and keep building Newt to be a farce, fake thing and deliver it to the Tiger.

Tiger will not let this goat frighten him, he would say, Newt first answer the question, answer it now! I am not going to let you get away…with your pranks, baby cranks.
If Newt acts like a baby and responds, “I am not going to answer that”, then Obama will “tell” him, I need an answer now, even if you don’t want to answer me, you owe it to the American public, and you can’t do the same to them as you did to two of your wives.

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Three volumes of the Ethics Committee Investigation. All public records. Nancy keeps saying that. I am a slow reader. There are some Secret Records, and Nancy keeps saying they will remain secret, but the answers are all in the Public Record.

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