Netanyahu Cartoons with US Senate and Congress

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Tomorrow night Netanyahu
will address the joint session of Senate and the Congress,  and more than likely
we will witness the Republicans lining up to kiss the feet of their lord, and
will be pledging allegiance to him rather than our flag.

Fox News will
put Lord Netanyahu on the highest altar ever built… all of them would rather
believe him than our president who wants to resolve conflict with Iran through a
dialogue, rather than destroying each other. I hope these guys show some dignity
of the office.

Netanyahu is bad news for
Israel and a nightmare for America. He is jeopardizing the long term security of
Israel. The SOB will have us go to war with Iran and fuck  up America that we
will not recognize. One Bush is enough for this century.

I am glad Obama  has the
power to veto and tell the racist republicans off. Most republicans are good
people but they need to decide if they are with the extremist republicans or on
the good side. There are several articles in the link that I just got published.

A few Netanyahu cartoons
will be posted at tonite.

Mike Ghouse

No one drew the cartoon as I wanted it
however, a friends sent this 1:41 seconds video

that describes precisely what I had on my mind, its produced in Israel.

This is the Video link – give it a few seconds, from Hebrew it goes to English


Salt Lake Tribune 
Boston Globe

An amazingly precise statement came from Suman Chepuri, ” Netanyahu is the Israeli Dick Cheney — a pompous, arrogant, war monger that’s going against the findings of his own intelligence agency (Mossad) to satisfy his own ego and political career!”

Netanyahu is coming to Washington to convince the nincompoops in congress and the senate who had plunged us into destructive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to go at Iran now. We lost over 5000 men and women, millions of Americans lost their jobs, and their homes were foreclosed besides sinking us into budget deficit running in $Trillions of Dollars. He wants us to be completely liquidated, to hell with him. We put America first!

Full article at:

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Mike Ghouse 

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