Musuem of Indigenouse People

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Museum of Indigenouse people
MelbourneVisited the Musuem for indigenous people, they were good to share the list of all the indigenous communities. I taped a scene where it shows the Colonialilst shooting at the Natives and the pre-recorded commentary goes, that the colonialists shoot the aboriginees less ceremoniously than they would shoot at stray dogs. …I was stunned and took me a long time to get out of that corner. I am in no mood to visit anything

I was going to visit the Melbourne Cricket Grounds, as it is kind of sacred to me, but decided not to go anyplace as showing my cocern to fellow earthians from the native traditions. I was very committed to the development of Cricket in North Texas and I have done my share as President and recepient of the recognition for the best overall development of Cricket in the Americas.


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