Muslims Caring for deceased Hindus

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The following video is in Hindi language and is about a hero who gives dignity to the deceased person by performing the last rites regardless of the religion. I believe it is Burkha Dutt of NDTV who did the interview.

Shamefully some people run away from the dead bodies of their loved ones. This Muslim man is one of the hundreds of Muslims across India who care about the dignity of the deceased persons. Of course, there people in all faiths who care about fellow humans.

Fortunately, a few stories came up in the media – of Muslims performing the last rites of Hindus, among others, while the kith and kin of the deceased chose to distance themselves. I believe it was Burkha Dutt of NDTV who reported this story. 

It is an inspiring story. Indeed, the man speaks wisdom, a genuine person of interfaith, in my opinion.

That reminds me of my first volunteering effort.  In my town, similar things were happening. The poor and street people were dying, and there was no one to give them a decent burial/cremation.  A few kids – Ghani, Nazeer, my uncle Inayat, and I formed a committee, and we called it “Mouta committee – The committee of the dead.” 

No one died while we were still a group, and each one of us went our way. I was the head of the group.

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