Muslim Canadians Should Ease Out of Prayers in Public School

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No one is free from misunderstanding a situation and becoming judgmental. 
Finding the truth is our own responsibility, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) offered guidance, that we must verify before judging other’s character, lest  you not regret.   

Someone actually wrote to me demanding my opposition to Muslim Prayers in Canadian School, that may be his frustration speaking, but not the wisdom, indeed I encourage people to pray, the right thing to do.  

Muslim students have been holding Friday congregational prayers at the school and that is a beautiful. However, one of the other religious groups raised questions about it, which brings the issue of accommodation in public space.
Let’s say the other’s want to hold their congregational prayers on Saturday or Sunday. The school has to run power and pay for other utilities – who is going to pay for that?  

Shouldn’t the school be fair? If they are fair then people of other faiths want to hold their congregations on Saturday and Sunday or in the evenings. The School should not deny any one. What if there is more demand for the space and a few get denied? 

Parents pay taxes for learning school curriculum that is common to all. Friday congregation at school may not cost a penny to school, as nothing is changed, but the question comes, what happens when others want to do it on other days…  

Let the Muslim parents arrange for a bus to pick up children and take them to the nearest mosque and bring the kids back to school. Or let there be an interfaith group that helps developing relationships that will save conflicts.

The officers and school are in a difficult situation now. As Muslims we need to free them from this entanglement and ease them out of the situation as smoothly as we can. 

The most important thing for community is to weigh in on the long term cohesiveness of the society. We all need to co-exist as harmoniously and conflict-less as we can.   


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