Moon 2012 – A Romantic Moon

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Every 19 years Moon comes close to earth in its orbit… and obviously it has its own effects – the poet in me sees the beauty, and the engineer in you may see something else, the physicist in you may sees something else.. What do you see? 

This time around it is the full moon that came close to the earth,  Dallas has had lots of clouds last night, but I still managed to see it through the clouds.

Moon has been sanctified religiously among Jews, Muslims, Hindus and others, who follow the Lunar calendar as milestones for their festivals and superstitious events. 

While the poets and artists have romanticized it, the poets in Urdu/Hindi and other Subcontinentian languages have made it an object of beauty.  Moon has a prominent place in romance and it is referred in feminine form. I know a lot of things in life, but don’t know the place of moon in other languages, can some one enlighten me?

About two years ago, Yasmeen and I were vacationing in Cancun, we chose the night of  full moon to stay in a hotel with an open balcony, beach and ocean to see and full moon in the sky showering its graceful blessed Chandni (moon light) on us,  and of course.. it kindles the romance in every one….

I strongly recommend you to make the pilgrimage with your better half, its worth it. If you are going any way, select the night of full moon to stay on the beach and a room with balcony… I have enclosed a few pictures of the balcony…  watch the sunrise and the full moon in one a period of one day… it connects you with your spiritual being.  If not just find a cabin in the woods, on the hills or the mountains and soak in the glory of chandni (moonlit) romance. Life is meant to enjoy it, you have got to make that time.

Ek chand AasmaaN pay hai, Ek mere saath hai…
Here are some beautiful songs about Moon
Chuadhavin Ka Chand ho, ya aftaab ho
Gali may aaj chaand nikla
Enjoy the songs…

Pictures courtesy of Huffington post – individuals collection.

15 pictures –

One of the 15 pictures is that of Mahatma Gandhi with the moon in the back drop, and I was thrilled to see my hero pictured. I believe this picture is from Washington DC. I wonder, if any one has shot a picture else where in the world. 

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