Moin Akhtar, an honorary citizen of Dallas

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Moin Akhtar is a rare individual, great entertainer, actor and a communicator. He is a legend of the Subcontinent and touched the hearts of millions across the world with his ability to communicate messages of harmony with humor. He was a perfect deliverer.

Shiraz Mithani, Syed Talib and I had sponsored his show in Dallas in 1996 and it was the first Pakistani Show that was houseful and thanks to my fellow Indians who joined us to pack the house. Mayor Ron Kirk and my Indian friend (who looks like me to the White Americans) at City of Dallas produced a proclamation honoring Moin Akhtar as an honorary Citizen of Dallas, and a formal key to the City Hall was presented to him. Moin was thrilled.
I have watched episodes after episodes of loose talk.
There is not going to be another Moin Akhtar.
An era ends with him,
a great loss to the Subcontinent
May God bless his soul.
In a short time, I was able to pull this picture where I was introducing Moin Akhtar to the audience prior to honoring him with the Key to our City while Shiraz was able to put the Video together on you tube ( link below)
Mike Ghouse, Dallas
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From Shiraz Mithani
I had a privileged to interview Moin Akhtar during his visit to Dallas, TX  I was one of the organizers of the First Pakistani SOLD OUT show Moin Akhtar Nite 96 at McFarlin Auditorium. Moin Akhtar was honored with “Honorary Citizen of Dallas” award by former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk on this visit.

Moin Akhtar Interviewed by Shiraz Mithani on April 4th 1996 in Dallas, TX. Moin Akhtar was awarded with “Dallas Honorary Citizen” honor by Former Mayor of Dallas Ron Kirk on April 5th 1996. He was the First Pakistani Artist ever received this honor. Moin Akhtar nite 1996 was the first Sold Out Pakistani show in Dallas. Organized by Shiraz Mithani, (TV NAZARANA) Mike Ghouse (ASIAN NEWS) and Syed Talib (RADIO JHANKAR)

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