Mohua Moitra – a hope for India

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Mke Ghouse

The video listed below is worth watching. At the 23rd minute, Mohua talks about opposing the CAA and taking it to the Supreme Court. She is a Member of Parliament from Bengal with the Trinamool Congress.

She gives me hope that Parliamentarians like her will save India from Mr. Modi and restore India, where every Indian feels secure about their ethnicity, religion, and culture.  

Karan Thapar is one of my favorite journalists in India. This interview with Mahua Moitra is fascinating; they connected well, and I could not get off even though I had things to do, and I could not resist writing a note about her either. 

I resisted the feeling that she had an American education and hence fighting for justice in India. As an activist who does not get paid, I can relate to her. At the same time, we have bigoted Indian Americans here, who want equality but shamelessly support India’s dis-equality. They want equal rights but so hateful towards Christians, Muslims, Dalits, and Sikhs in India.

Glad to hear she is in tune with the entire humanity opposing the draconian CAA law in India. I urge my BJP friends, particularly Indian-Americans, to think if Modi’s policies were to be implemented in America, how would they feel? How would they act if they were lynched, raped, and harassed as they do to Christians, Muslims, Dalits, and Sikhs in India? The next line up would be a moderate Hindu majority who will bear their extremism.  

Mohua is a bold and powerful one. No one can challenge her logic. Indira Gandhi seems to be her mentor; I hope it was not the Indira Gandhi of 1977- the fascist dictator, but Indira of earlier and later years. She was as bad as Modi. 

Karan Thapar, “India’s most recognized and widely talked about first time MP, who’s three speeches in just 16 months have taken the country by storm and gone viral on social media, has spoken for the first time about the woman behind the politician in an interview to Karan Thapar for The Wire. Mahua Moitra, Trinamool Congress’s Krishnanagar Lok Sabha MP, speaks of the response from Prime Minister Modi and other BJP MPs to her speeches and how she prepares for them. In the process Mahua Moitra has revealed that she always wanted to be a politician. Political ambition was part of her from a very young age.”

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