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Thanks to everyone in our Indians Together group. I admire each of you from among Hindu, Christian, Sikh, and Muslim friends for discussing, disagreeing, and agreeing on various points of view in the most civil manner. It makes us model Indians. We know when to drop and continue the discussions, but we must discuss the problematic issues. 

I hope the conference organizers clarify that it is not against Hinduism or Hindus but the dangerous Hindutva ideology. You may like the article I wrote and speak about it regularly called Hindutva is not Hinduism. 

Further, they can announce that they will embrace RSS provided they purge their hatred for fellow Indians, Muslims, and Christians and accept the otherness of others among fellow Indians.  

Even if Muslim rulers had wronged the Hindu subjects 200 years ago, as a Muslim of Independent India, I have nothing to do with that. We are neither Babar Ki Aulad nor Ravan Ki Aulad. Neither of us should be seen with contempt. 

If I hurt someone, I should go to jail, but not my friends, siblings, parents, religion, state, or the Nation (Butcher Bush did that to Afghanistan). 

Indian Muslims and Christians are the most non-violent and peaceful people. They have chosen to endure lynchings and harassment along with Dalits and Sikhs without even the idea of retaliating. Indian Muslims and Christians must be admired and appreciated. 

Mike Ghouse

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