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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Romney chapter closed after 44 pieces. 

Candidate Romney lost to Obama 206 to 332 in electoral Votes and 59 to 62 Million votes casted.

I was disappointed in Romney for delaying to give the concession speech, he was not believing that he lost, even at 280 electoral votes, he took time to get out and concede. That is not typical of the president. He beat me over the civility piece I wrote at Dallas Morning News below in # 1

As a Republican, I was rooting for Romney until I realized, I did not know him.  No one knows which Avatar of Romney will make it, the moderate, conservative or the one for himself. He has spared none, he has betrayed Republican conservatives more than anyone else… Moderate Republicans as well … Now if we the Republicans wake up to save the nation from Chaos we can make a difference and save the nation. Romney’s actions (listed below) will push America into Chaos and Regress it back to Bush’s 2008 America, while Obama’s efforts will continue to bring stability to America.

Since June 2011, I have written many pieces about him.

Here is my  43rd  Piece on Romney, latest on top.

Mike Ghouse 

  1. Texas Faith: After Elections do we become one? The most beautiful thing that will happen tonight is an expression of our civility, which is the highlight of our democracy, a lesson other nations are looking to emulate. 

    Texas Faith: Do we thirst too much for political leaders?

    can deal
    with the resolute Obama rather than a wishy-washy Romney with no convictions of
    being a moderate, liberal or conservative. As
    a moderate Republican, I was hoping for Mitt Romney to be our next president,
    but I am afraid he will repeal everything on his first day in the office; derail
    the stabilizing economy and job situation, mess with health security, control
    women’s freedom, be unkind towards gays and lesbians, and ignore the ones in
    ditches. I would rather have Barack Obama’s stability than Romney’s chaos – Mike
  2. Resolute Obama v. Wishy-washy Romney (Image only)
  3. Protect yourselves from Politics

    Congratulations to those who have voted for Obama or Romney and urge you to go vote. Don’t let your friend’s support for the other candidate make you angry… Let our attitudes be, “I’m fine with your choice and I hope you are fine with my choice.”
  4. Presidential candidates pledge to the flag
    of Israel (Cartoon)
    Israelis must be laughing at these guys racing to prove who is loyal to Israel.
    Jews need sincerity and not duplicity to feel secure. There
    was another cartoon, where the candidates were in a competition, “who licks the
    most” while Netanyahu was enjoying the service.
  5. Final Presidential debate in Boca Raton
    Romney did
    not lose the debate, but Obama gained the points with independent voters. I
    watched the debate at Angelica Theater in Dallas and it was hilarious, as the
    public was making comments while booing cheering and jeering, it was a lively
    debate. The first big laugh came when Romney said he believed in gender
    equality, rights for women overseas…
  6. Domestic policy and the Presidential candidates

    I have never been alarmed
    about the future of America as Iam now. We have gone through bad times, losing
    jobs, foreclosure of homes, living on food stamps, budget deficit, sacrifice of
    thousands of Americans in wars and devastation of other nations and deaths of
    millions of civilians, and finally we have a grip on the situation and don’t
    like to see a reversal of this.

  7. Romney’s Chaotic
    America or Obama’s stabilizing America?
    No one knows which Avatar of Romney will make it, the moderate, conservative or
    the one for himself. He has spared none, he has betrayed Republican
    conservatives more than anyone else… Moderate Republicans as well … Now if
    we the Republicans wake up to save the nation from Chaos we can make a
    difference and save the nation. Romney’s actions (listed below) will push
    America into Chaos and Regress it back to Bush’s 2008 America, while Obama’s
    efforts will continue to bring stability to America. URL –
  8. Don’t’ Miss Romney
    Humor at Al Smith Dinner I have not missed the Al Smith Dinner talk at Catholic Church in New York for
    three election cycles. Friends, this is America, where the President and his
    challenge poke fun at each other in good humor. Then there is another dinner
    where President invites the Media that is a roaring dinner as well. This is
    American Humor at its best, watch the guys sitting behind Romney, explaining
    the jokes….
  9. 2nd Presidential debate between
    Obama and Romney Though Romney was good, he came across as a
    criticizer than a problem solver, where as Obama missed a few good
    opportunities that could have sealed him a clear victory. Obama will regain at
    least two points lead over Romney following this debate.
  10. America First – Go with Obama,
    and not Romney for stability Romney has not matured in his convictions;
    he is in the experimentation stage, trying to see which statement will work. He
    has two different views, a private view that he shares with the ones who give
    him money, and the public view that gives the appearance of inclusiveness. How
    deep is either view? God only knows. I don’t know which Romney I will get at
    the end. Even the GOP is not sure. Obama is a sure thing
  11. Texas Faith: Does President Obama need
    to “own God?” What happened in the first debate was an
    aberration; it was neither Romney nor Obama we knew. Indeed, God is part of
    their daily lives, and both of them will invoke God in the next debate as a
    part of their routine and not as a monkey see monkey do thing.
  12. Obama’s last but
    one chance to gain over Romney
  13. First Presidential Debate
    watch with Democrats
  14. SMU-DMN Election
    forum on common good
  15. Obama Leads Romney by
  16. Shouldn’t Bush
    Support Romney as Clinton does for BushMost moderate Republicans were banking on
    Romney’s moderation, including me, but Romney slipped, he assumed the only way
    to get elected was to turn to the right, who did have a good record of turning
    around in 2010, gaining a majority in the house.
  17. Do I
    want Romney to be my President? Hell No! I am usually tempered; I’ll come
    loose now with the new Romney video. He does not even want to ask nearly half
    of the Americans to vote for him?
  18. Romney, there you go
    again Romney: Hey Carl, did you watch the DNC convention? They had every American
    representation speak out there, boy, if Americans watched that they will not
    vote for me?
  19. Republicans for Obama I have been a Republican in every sense of the party. However, the party has
    been taken over by radical men and women who are bent on destroying the
    cohesive fabric of America. I will not run from it: instead I will stick with
    them and hope to raise hell and bring sanity.
  20. Are we better off now
    than four years ago?I shudder at the thought of America, had McCain
    become the president. I know Mr. McCain’s proclivities, itching for war, and
    eagerness to show “them boys” who we are. He would have gone to war with Libya,
    Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Syria and Iran and no doubt we would have carpet bombed
    and burned those nations to the ground, but it would have ruined America, even
    more than the Iraq war had done. We would have been devastated. At least I have
    an America now that did not run aground, thanks to President Obama’s foreign
  21. Severe Questions for
    Romney Your success is
    inspiring, and I hope it will be replicated around America. However, I have a
    dozen severe questions for you
  22. Best
    and Worst of Republican Convention speeches  I
    will give an A to Paul Ryan, if he can lean towards the Moderate majority, I
    will give him an A+. It was stunning speech. He
    offered one of the best explanations on the faith differential between Romney
    and him. This is advancement in Republican thinking and I
    am glad to see them catch up with the idea of Pluralism, maybe it is just Ryan,
    and I hope he means it for the whole nation and not just a convention
  23. Do republicans have
    an Ayn Rand problem?The
    problem Republicans have is “a policy coup by some hardnosed people,” in the
    words of Gen. Wesley Clark. The right among Republicans is attempting to take
    over the direction of this country and pushing for policies that will break the
    cohesive fabric of America.
  24. Republicans and Mike
  25. Romney Ryan are not
    worth standing up for.
  26. Does Romney give a
    flip about Israel?
  27. Romney digs his own grave
  28. Texas Faith – God and
    religion have gone
  29. Is Romney the cat
    with NAACP or the mouse with NRA
  30. Bad news
    for Romney
  31. The Ghouse
    Texas Faith – Mormon  Moment
  32. Obama victory is certain if Santorum is the guy
  33. How
    do we create a common good today?
  34. Romney and ‘America Together’ on Sean
  35. The
    Ghouse Diary: South Carolina Republican  Debate
  36. Evangelicals
    ganging up on Romney
  37. Romney wins New Hampshire
  38. Iowa Republican
    caucus notes
  39. Mitt Romney,
    you can do this, others don’t have …
  40. Embarassing
    Presidential debate on  11.12.11
  41. Perry will be the
    nominee if he keeps up
  42. Presidential debate
    on Fox News
  43. Texas
    Faith: How should Huntsman and Romney handle

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