Miko Peled's Video- An Israeli General's son

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Miko Peled’s Video- An Israeli General’s son
URL: http://nabsites.net/demo/miko-peleds-video-israeli-generals-son/

Miko Peled is son of Israel’s General Matti Peled, a champion of Palestinian rights. Those of you who genuinely seek to understand the complexity of Israel Palestine issue, I recommend this video on YouTube Video 1:08:31 Minutes.


Please do not assume that Jews and Muslims
are anti-each other, they are not; a few are. This is good educational material
for those few Jews who do not believe in human rights, but control the masses
through their frightening propaganda. I am reviewing similar educational material
for those few Palestinians who do not believe in human rights and use their own
propaganda, and post it here on this site.


The Palestinian right is no different than
the Israeli right. They constantly blame each other and are eager to show off
their muscle power, without giving a crap about long term security for Israel
and justice for Palestinians, so their children can live in a better world. 

To be a peace maker is to acknowledge the
prejudices and conflicts, know that a few individuals drive the agenda for the
whole populace, and it is usually not the will of the people. We need to hold
the temptation to justify the actions of one over the other. 

To be a peacemaker, we need to be free from
bias, hate and ill-will, and we need to be at peace with ourselves to find
peace for others. 

Miko touches on Anti-Semitism at the tail end
of the video. It has been my experience as well, and I will include that experience
in my upcoming book, so we all can learn the little things that can cause us to
fall and avoid it.  I thank God for
putting me through the tests of withstanding endless harassment through emails,
phone calls, and unleashing a few tormentors to exasperate me on social media. The
right-wingers wanted to push me to say stupid things, so they can nail me as an
“anti-Semite” and bring an end to my little peacemaking efforts. They failed
miserably, I am no anti-Semite, and prejudice is not in my blood stream. Most
of you may not experience this, as you have not dealt with deeper issues beyond
hello, how are you.  It’s just not the
right wing Jews, the right wing Muslims have said ugly things to me for
commemorating the annual Holocaust
event in Dallas, a few even called me that I will not be a Muslim. I am sure
most of the peacemakers out there, regardless of their religious affiliations
have experienced this. We all can share and learn to stay firm and not be
prejudiced, for our own heart.

I look up to Muhammad, Jesus, Gandhi, Moses,
Buddha, Krishna, Nanak, MLK and those guys, who are my role models. Nothing
they did was for their gain; it was all for the benefit of humanity. Likewise,
I have nothing to gain from anything I do, zip, nada, nothing.  I just wish to see people get along and willing
to bear some abuse and humiliation in the process for the common good. This
paragraph is for Miko, and all of you out there who are unselfishly serving
humanity without discrimination. Keep it doing, it is the right thing to do.

Miko Peled’s presentation is fairly identical to my understanding.
We have used a similar language with one exception; separating the right
wingers on Jewish and Muslim side from the common people.  He speaks clearly and I relate with him,
there is no malice or hatred in his language but facts. Indeed, he is a true
representation of what Judaism is all about; fixing the world to be just and I
hope to be a true representation of Islam, to be a just and fair with my own
short comings.

At this time, I
do not support the idea of one state for Israelis and Palestinians. Although I
come from a nation that was split on religious lines, a major geopolitical
mistake of India and Pakistan,   as mentioned in the video and the facts out
there – the Jewish and Muslim children are indoctrinated that it is ok to kill the
others and both invoke religion to suit their right wing agenda. No religion
puts life above religion, particularly these two; Judaism and Islam, yet they
abuse their religion, enough of us need to speak out against Imams and Rabbis
abusing and misquoting religion. Once the two states operate, the focus ought
to be education and bring a new generation without hate, then they can form a
confederation along the lines recommended in Israel
Palestine confederation.
At the end of the day, we all need to be fed and
live a normal life where we don’t have to live in apprehension or fear of the

Please watch the
following video and share, this is one of the best things you can do. I will
share the other perspective as well. Hold your judgment; until you hear both
sides, I will post the other video in a few days. 


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