Memorial Day Reflections

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It is a day of remembrance and reflection, it is time to
pray for those have passed away, whether they are related to us or not. Let’s
take a few moments to remember all those who have influenced, affected and
cared for us, and those who cared for others whether we know them or not. It is
an act that enriches our souls and brings humility and connects us back with

Please do not wish “Happy Memorial Day” – it ain’t, it is rather a
day of reflection. Of course it may be nothing for you other than the weekend
to relax, and that is fine too.

You might find it meaningful to stop and say a prayer at one cemetery or the other, it is merely symbolic, and you don’t have to make an effort, just pull over on the road side of any cemetery and reflect on life for a few minutes.

 You don’t have to be religious to say a prayer – a prayer is merely “wishing goodness” to others. You may see it or not, we are all interconnected and the joy comes from seeing everyone connected is in harmony and peace. The idea of this prayer may be selfish, as we find ourselves some serenity.

If you could, please pray for our men and women who gave up their lives to defend our freedom and safety that we cherish. There is a joy that accrues to you by expressing gratitude.

My Grandfather had advised me to visit a cemetery or attend a funeral of a stranger to pay respects, and he added, for every wedding you attend, match it with attending a funeral or visiting a cemetery, he believed, it will straighten us out as humans, and I found that profound and enriching to the soul.

Of course, you pray for the beloved ones every day, but this is a special day, the national day of remembrance and it would be nice, if we as a nation pray for the well being of all.

I will take a few moments to remember all those who have influenced, affected and cared for me, and those who cared for others whether I knew them or not.

There is a beautiful all inclusive prayer that most Muslims say almost every day – the gist of which is ; Dear God forgive me, forgive my parents, my relatives, my friends, my community,  those who are alive, and those who aren’t. By the way when we seek forgiveness, we are suggesting to ourselves to find relief from all the burdens we carry in our day to day life and cherish a few peaceful moments. May we all be at peace, Amen!

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