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Maulana Maududi had the foresight to see the current situation in India coming. Unfortunately, he based his understanding of his narrow interactions with the Hindu Mahasabha group, not the regular Hindus. It is the same as others interacting with the Taliban and ISIS and not the regular Muslims.

Hedgewar, Golwalker, Savarkar, Abubakr Baghdadi, Hitler, Wirathu, Mussolini, Netanyahu, and the Taliban do not represent the pristine values of values, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, or Christianity.

Maududi’s political Islamic literature contributed towards aggravating the relations and not mitigating them. His writings may be a reaction rather than thoughtful deliberations. Islam is about creating peaceful societies, not dictate anyone but guide them towards creating harmony among all humans by respecting the otherness of the other. He did not get that right.

Regular Hindus, Muslims, and others get along with everyone. We have to find a way to bring cohesion among all of us.

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