Libya and Egypt Crises and solutions by Mike Ghouse

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Killing of
Ambassador Stevens, Film on Muhammad and the attacks on our Embassy in Benghazi
and Cairo messes up the average person. Indeed, there is a pluralistic solution
available to the situation, it is much better than the show-off who can do most
harm to each other. The solution is low cost, and is sustainable.
there were a foreign policy or religious crises, Mike Ghouse is called in to
offer pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. Part of the solution was taped
in our Dallas offices by Bud Gillette of CBS News and shared it on the evening
News, and due to President’s speech last night on Hannity, Mike’s offer to
present a long term solution to the crises did not happen, and however, he
intends to present some of the solutions in a paper, most likely to be published
in Huffington Post,
meanwhile he is available to offer solutions.

started on 9/11/2001 when Mike was called in by Radio station AM1150 to take
charge and make sense. For the next eight hours Mike got the community, civic
and business leaders to get on the radio and bring some coherence to the chaotic
situation of the day – at the end of the day, people were driven to donate
blood, hold interfaith prayerss and raise funds for the victims.

Mike will write a full report at Huffington post, meanwhile, he will offer
valuable solutions on Radio and TV networks about the value of freedom of
expression, the film on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), our foreign policy, bullying,
war or long term solutions for the safety and security of America.

Quraan, Islam and Muslims
defend the right of individuals; the acts of the rogues clearly violate the
guidelines laid out by God, Prophet Muhammad and Islam. Muslims throughout the
world have condemned this disgusting behavior of these men who killed our
Ambassador and four of our officers serving us, and have scaled our embassy in
bully in us wants to bomb and annihilate the whole country of Libya and Egypt.
We probably can do that, but remember two outcomes from it. Our violence
generates more violence and will make us more vulnerable wherever we go. That is
not the kind of life we want live. We are a free people and must preserve our
freedom through wisdom, or the destruction of others will destroy us and our
economy as we are living it now. The bully among those radicals has similar
sentiments about us. How do we come out of it? Jesus and Muhammad both have
taught us how to handle this.

a society we can view these incidents from two different perspectives, and
consider two different solutions. Blaming Islam is the useless thing to do.
Islam did not authorize them do what they have done; they have done it on their
own. Each one of the 312 Million Americans follows the same criminal laws; 99%
of us obey them, where 1% doesn’t. We don’t blame our laws for those that don’t
abide by them; we blame the bad guys and incarcerate
bad guys went crazy upon the trailer of the film Mohammad. Did
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) authorize what they did? Did Quraan authorize what they
did? Absolutely not, on the contrary Quraan is absolutely clear – if someone
insults you, don’t carry on the conversations with them and adds, if you insult
others, they will insult you.

criminals are always good in blaming someone else – in this case Islam. We
should not be gullible enough to buy their argument and start barking at
religion instead of the criminals.

Freedom of speech and
expression is the most sacred value of civilizations, and at no cost we need to
compromise on them. What the dumb men did not realize is that they are actually
promoting the movie by their violence. Had they chosen to follow the guidance of
Quraan, to walk away from it, none of this would have happened.

evil things we do are not Christian, Jewish, Islamic or Hindu in nature, they
are our acts, and each one of us who violates the sanctity of life, liberty and
pursuit of happiness of others need to be rounded up, instead of killing and
getting killed and living in fear that is the responsible thing to
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