Last minutes notes for Muslims about Elections

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The abstracts of a few items for your perusal and reflections.


As Muslims we need to participate and contribute to the well being of our nation, we will earn back our respect by simply serving the nation. What was the first Sunnah of the Prophet? It was to be the Amin, truthful, trustworthy and just, someone around whom people felt safe, secure and at peace. If we follow the first Sunnah, and become Amins to the Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and others like the Prophet did, then we have become a part of the society in building a nation that is good for every American including the ones who may not like us – that was the third Sunnah of the prophet.


Indeed, we are not connected enough with the mainstream society for a vast majority of Americans to stand up for us, empathize with us, or even understand the truth about us that we are no different than them in our endeavors and aspirations of life. We need to take the initiatives. Full piece at:


Nonsense is the right sentiment, but uttering the word will not change the mindset of a few on the edge. A few (just a few) Muslims are programmed with Haram and Halal mind-set, selectively that is all they see in life. Iqra; to read, to think and to understand is not part of their system. What do we need to do? Call them Ignorant? So they can call us names? No, that will not cut it, instead, we need to sit together where each member is given full value for his or her opinion for a genuine dialogue to take place. I have experimented with the right wing Republicans with more success than failures, and a Yemeni Muslim Judge has proved that it works.  Muhammad Yunus and I have delved it from a social and Quranic point of view for you consideration at:

“My Fellow Muslims” a general awakening with a “SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY” is the need of the day. We the American Muslims have neglected “Facts” and have run away from assuming the responsibilities to help better the Islamic societies utilizing our position to seek access to the U.S. Mainstream Media. Fareed Zakaria, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and Mike Ghouse are three American Muslims who can make a convincing case to whoever gets elected on the Election Day. This is no time for a “Blame Game.” November 6th is a defining moment for the future of America and also for the future of the Middle East. Full article at:

The message is very simple: a choice between a medieval form of Islam in which case the Muslims are the ‘others’ of the society – civilization inferiors, outcasts and misfits – who walk with their heads bowed down and suffering a complex of being tracked and talked about by neighbors – a problem even highly educated Muslims living in predominantly white areas face. OR denounce openly the medieval form of Islam that is reduced to the pillars of faith, and stripped of its universal, pluralistic, humanistic and altruistic paradigms. If they chose the second option they can feel proud as American citizens, walk with their heads high and caste aside the veil of suspicion they unwittingly wear by their isolationist attitude.

Regardless of whom you vote, you must be congratulated for exercising your right. Let’s respect our decisions motivated by our beliefs. On my Part, I have voted for Obama and some of my friends have voted for Romney. Please protect yourselves from letting the politics make it difficult between you and your friends.

If you are still undecided, please take a look at a few pieces in support of Obama, I have written 60 pieces about him, and 40 about Romney. You know Romney was my choice, until he started flip flopping and I lost him. Not sure what he stands for.

Huffington post; Choice between Chaotic Romney and Stable Obama
Dallas Morning News: Do we thirst for political leaders
Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker and a writer on pluralism, politics, peacemaking, foreign policy, Islam, interfaith, and cohesion at work place or social settings. He is committed to building a Cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day at Mike has a strong presence on national local TV, Radio and Print Media, and is a frequent guest on Sean Hannity show on Fox TV, and a commentator on national radio networks, he contributes weekly to the Texas Faith Column at Dallas Morning News, fortnightly at Huffington post, and several other periodicals across the world. His personal site indexes everything you want to know about him.

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